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Our vision is to help create a more food and energy independent society.

We are constantly looking for better - new or old technologies that provide sustinance while nurturing the environment.

We help entrepreneurs and communities build greenhouses that have proven to stand the test of time and can assist with business plans to guide you to success. 


The master currency...

As fossil fuel resources become depleted and the price to use it increases the challenge of growing food becomes even more difficult. With ARK we can guide you through many options for reducing your energy bill that will make your business more resilient and you more self sufficient without disrupting production.

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A growing population will demand the world produce 69% more food calories in 2050 than we did in 2006. 

But we can't just produce more food in the same way as today, we must also reduce food's environmental impact. Agriculture contributes nearly one-quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions, uses 37% of landmass and accounts for 70% of all freshwater withdrawn from rivers,lakes,and aquifers.

Agro Resilience Kit Ltd. (ARK) is an aggregation of proven technologies working together to offer a comprehensive solution set for advancing controlled environment agriculture growing through state-of-the-art structures, energy efficiency, vertical grow structures, lighting, aquaponics and more, to achieve unparalleled productivity, low capital cost, low operating cost and sustainable, resilient operations.


Aquaponics can produce up to 6X more food than traditional farming methods. Fish are the best in the world at converting plant protein to animal protein. Aquaponics can produce 50,000 pounds of tilapia and 100,000 pounds of vegetables per year in a single acre of space. By contrast, one grass-fed cow requires eight acres of grassland.

Aquaponics uses no pesticides or herbicide chemicals. There is no cheating on this with aquaponics, because we cannot use chemical pesticides of any kind or the fish would die, period.

You can literally do aquaponics ANYWHERE, and this is great news for unused parking lots and rooftops.


Vertical Growing

Vine plants like tomatoes, cucumbers, & peppers already take advantage of the vertical space in a greenhouse. But what about all the other food we eat? Lettuce, Spinach, Kale, Herbs we have tried many vertical grow systems. Some were good, many were not and some were very expensive.

We can lead you to the best  for your application and budget to increase yields and feed more people.

  • While not all of our collection of solutions represent completely novel technologies on their own; each has many years of proven viability and properly coordinated and combined can result in controlled environment agriculture with significantly higher profits and lower environmental footprint.

  • The ability to successfully combine all these elements in one complete, turn-key solution adds real value to our projects and differentiates us. We offer our customers the choice of selecting options “a la carte”. In working through these selection options ARK offers business planning, and this can be undertaken with a fixed price retainer.


ARK / Sprung Campus

Grov Fodder Plant

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Landlocked Alberta Shrimp Farm

Regina Food Bank

Upper Fraser Trout Aquaponics

Weed MD Drying facility



Aquaponics is the marriage of plants & fish in a closed loop system. Ark's aquaponic design team can work with you on systems large and small

Passive heating and cooling

Greenhouses have been labelled energy pigs in the past. The truth is they dont have to be. Using age old heating and cooling techniques we are able to keep utility prices down and crop production up


Having on-site power production & redundant systems in place is more than a luxury its a necessity. With many years of experience coming from the energy sector and hands on installs we can provide the knowledge you need to keep your lights on.

HAve something to offer?

We are always open to collaboration and are looking for interested partners who bring unique solutions to the table as we realize the need for cooperation in this ever expanding vertical