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Are you interested in starting a sustainable greenhouse business


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Commercial Greenhouse Design

With Ark's greenhouse design services, our team of experts will work with you on a design custom tailored to your unique situation. We have many options which may include:

     >Hydroponic and aquaponic growing systems

     >Aquaculture systems

     >Passive heating and cooling systems

     >Shade & energy curtains


     >On site power production ( Co-generation and Solar PV)

     >Hands on and e-training

Sprung Structure Greenhouses

Sprung has extensive experience providing reliable, engineered tension membrane structure solutions for greenhouses. 


>Airtight enclosures, clear-span designs and framed       openings are just some of the innovative solutions that   Sprung offers growers around the world.


>Our greenhouse structures use a custom greenhouse   membrane for ideal transparency and refraction, or opaque   membranes for more controlled growing environments.


>Sprung has lease and purchase options that provide cost-     effective solutions for greenhouses of any size.



ARK / Sprung Campus

Grov Fodder Plant

Rooftop Restaurant

Landlocked Alberta Shrimp Farm

Regina Food Bank

Upper Fraser Trout Aquaponics

Weed MD Drying facility



Aquaponics is the marriage of plants & fish in a closed loop system. Ark's aquaponic design team can work with you on systems large and small

Passive heating and cooling

Greenhouses have been labelled energy pigs in the past. The truth is they dont have to be. Using age old heating and cooling techniques we are able to keep utility prices down and crop production up


Having on-site power production & redundant systems in place is more than a luxury its a necessity. With many years of experience coming from the energy sector and hands on installs we can provide the knowledge you need to keep your lights on.

HAve something to offer?

We are always open to collaboration and are looking for interested partners who bring unique solutions to the table as we realize the need for cooperation in this ever expanding vertical 

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