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What is a Climate Battery?

Climate Battery is a very intelligent way of heating, cooling, & moving air. Similar to the way a battery stores electricity, the thermal mass of the greenhouse floor stores heat for later use. Climate Battery can also be compared to geothermal but is not nearly as deep and is much more affordable.

How does it work?

By circulating air through the ground via corrugated pipe, the solar heat gained through the day is stored underground.


The "magic" is that by inducing temperature change over the phase change barrier we have the potential to harness far more of the energy normally the case if we simply tried to solar heat objects cluttering up your precious greenhouse floor space.  

Randy Udall - energy expert was always looking for concrete ways to move buildings off energy "life support", that is the combustible fluids and gases used for heating our homes and running our economies.

All the while the sun bathes our planet with glorious heat and energy mostly un-tapped into by humans. 


We must design our collective lives around this as our direct, primary energy source, for the sake of our descendants and the environment in which they will live.

Climate Battery harnesses the suns energy in a more efficient way and is step in the right direction for the future.

What are the benefits ?

  • Grow season extension & increased growing zone [+2]

  • Reduced heating and cooling costs [30-40%]

  • Air circulation


Shallow Geo - Solar  - Or Climate batteries have been proven to reduce heating requirements by 30-40% in a greenhouse.

Climate batteries are very simple low maintenance low energy ways of managing greenhouse temperatures.

  • Easy to install and low maintenance

  • DIY designs available

  • Can be used efficiently for cooling 

  • A climate battery uses a fan to force the heat from the peak of the greenhouse structure into the earth via weeping tile during the heat of the day, both cooling the air and removing humidity.

  • During the night the fan, connected to an automatic thermostate reverses to draw the warm air stored during the day back into the greenhouse


There really is no secret to Climate battery,  we recommend them to most of our customers, as you can see they are designed using some of the most widely available materials and are not hard to set up. 

We would gladly provide plans and specs for your building for a very affordable price.

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