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Commercial Greenhouse

Express Series

  • Sprung’s highly translucent membrane provides diffused sunlight for optimal growing conditions and backed by a 10-year membrane guarantee to ensure your success
  • Minimal air loss, extreme airtightness combined with passive solar will dramatically reduce your energy costs

sPrung Greenhouse

The Express series will help you get growing faster with immediate delivery and quick assembly time, your project will be built before you know it. 


 Engineered for the most extreme climates so you can sleep knowing your crops are safe. 

Secure Series

Controlled environment agriculture requires full control. The secure series will give you absolute control with close to zero air loss, an opaque membrane, and R30+ insulation - you will be the master of the environment

Business Plans

Don't know where to start? We can help you map out your investment and cut through the weeds to help you feel more comfortable that your project will be successful. We have been where you are and understand the trials and tribulations of getting started. 


Let's get started 

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