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ARK brings the farmers market to your front door !

  • SO your interested in CSA - If you dont know what a CSA is or where to start we recommend you go read our "6 questions to ask before joining a CSA" blog. - it takes 7 minutes to read...

  • If you are familiar with CSA and maybe just have a couple of questions about how we operate, you can visit our FAQ page 

  • If you think your ready to join (wow that was fast - please make sure to read our 6 questions post because CSA really can be challenging at first and we want you to be successful) you can jump over to our sign up now page.

  • Want to know what your going to get in your bag ? We have compiled a year + worth of photos and documented the month/season so you will get a better idea of what to expect.

CSA might be right for you if...

You like to cook

If you like to cook and are looking to try new recipes

Support Local

If you want to know where your food comes from and want to support your local farmer

Value Quality

These people know that the best quality ingredients are grown close to home in healthy conditions

Eat adventurously

CSA members who are successful with the program enjoy being pushed to try new foods and experiment in the kitchen

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