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Highfield Regenerative Farm- Calgary, AB


In partnership with the Compost Council of Canada, and the City of Calgary, Highfield Regenerative Farm is transforming a 15-acre vacant property into a vibrant and productive urban farm through soil revitalization, food production and community programming. The Highfield Farm urban agriculture project will produce locally-grown food, raise general awareness of urban agriculture, generate entrepreneurial opportunities, and strengthen our communities.

Highfield Regenerative Farm uses a membership model to foster a sense of ownership among their participants. They are not only creating a community of individuals who are eager to grow communally and learn together, but are also creating space for urban farmers to support one another and participate in a collaborative option for inner-city growing.


The majority of food grown is donated to improve food access in Calgary, with some sold direct to consumer. Calgarians are also encouraged to volunteer and take courses at Highfield Regenerative Farm to connect with their local food system.


ARK assisted Highfield from start to finish with their greenhouse.


  • Permitting

  • Mechanical drawings

  • Heating and cooling [ARK cooling]

  • Electrical system

  • Growing System

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