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Hut 8 Bitcoin mine - Medicine Hat AB

1. Sprung Structure design can help cool miners - cooler miners mean higher productivity AND revenues ($40.7 million in 2020).

  • The air-tightness of Sprung Structures can be used to create a solar chimney effect for increasing both cool-air intake and hot air exhaust

  • Based on calculations done by our mechanical engineering consultant (Ph.D. with McGill University) this can dramatically reduce the cost of electricity for exhaust fans.


2. Sprung Structures can maximize the productivity of the existing land area.

  •  Sprung Structures' height would allow for stacking a second story of liquid-cooled miners when the Medicine Hat turbine facility doubles its output.

  •  Stacking could reduce the need to lease land, operate and provide staffing at another location.

  • Sprung Structures can be designed and deployed quickly – with just 2-3 months of lead time.

  • Potential to house tenants within the structure who can utilize waste heat – i.e. hot and dry climate crops, or small-scale manufacturing (example – agave for tequila)


3. Sprung Structures can provide a more controlled environment. The open sea container approach means lost productivity due to weather, especially snow and rain.

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