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Sprung Structures

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Multiple Generations of Sprung Family Tradition

Beginning with the production of custom canvas products in 1887, including wall tents, chuck-wagon covers and mattresses in the North American west, the Sprung family name has been synonymous with "innovative enclosures" for well over a century. It all started with tough canvas that needed to stand up to the rigors of the new world, and has expanded far beyond what the original Sprung founders could ever have imagined. This proud family tradition continues today, while keeping up with the latest technologies.

Nobody understands fabric like Sprung. Our high-performing, long-lasting structures can meet a variety of needs and is adaptable enough for almost any climate, design needs and budget. Technology has become the hallmark of the Sprung family, and the entire company, which has invested heavily in research and development of its products.

Currently, Sprung structures are utilized in hundreds of different applications, in over 100 countries, for some of the world’s leading organizations. With well over 12,000 structures in use, Sprung continues to expand the vision established by the company roughly 130 years ago.

Sprung Structures have a long history in greenhouses see greenhouse footage (1985) which now includes structures for aquaponics operations in various parts of the world

Crown Capital

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Launched in June 2018, Crown Power Fund is a private fund that provides customers with attractive immediate savings through the direct ownership of “Micro-Utilities”. Micro-Utilities are on-site generation assets that provide electric and thermal energy under long-term contracts to mid- to large-scale energy consumers, such as industrial and commercial businesses, recreational facilities, and condominiums, offering these customers more energy efficient, more reliable and less expensive energy than comparable services from public utilities.

Crown Capital Partners Inc. (“Crown” or the “Corporation”) (TSX: CRWN), a capital partner to entrepreneurs and growth businesses, announced in March 2019 that it has completed an upsizing increasing the Fund’s total capital to approximately $58 million.

“This is a significant milestone for Crown Power Fund and reflects the advantages of seeding new funds with Crown’s capital for future growth and scale with third-party funds,” said Chris Johnson, President and CEO of Crown. “Our operating partners are building deep pipelines of new projects that they can execute on with the expanded capital base.”

In addition to this fundraising, Crown has been expanding the network of experienced operators that are managing the sales, installation and servicing of the micro-utilities. As part of this initiative Crown Capital has contracted Seer Managements Investments Ltd (SMI) to assist with marketing and overall business development.

“Having been involved with evangelizing the adoption of cogeneration, energy efficiency efforts and renewables since the early 2000’s, it is very exciting and compelling to be involved with enabling customers to stay in their core competency but have Crown Power finance installations so customers can buy energy by the kWh and/or BTU for less than otherwise available. It has been a 20 year quest to find this sort of vision and option and it is no wonder that the number of projects underway is growing exponentially,” stated Dan Cloutier, founder of Seer.

About Crown Capital Partners (TSX:CRWN)

Founded in 2000, Crown is a leading specialty finance company that provides growth capital to a diversified group of successful mid-market companies that are seeking alternatives to banks and private equity funds. Crown provides customized solutions in the form of loans, royalties, and other structures with minimal or no ownership dilution. In addition to deploying capital as a principal investor, Crown develops, manages and co-invests in alternative investment funds, including Crown Partners Fund and Crown Capital Power Fund.

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