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Sprung Greenhouse Structures

Sprung Structures offer many advantages over typical greenhouse structures, including weight, durability, opacity, height and air-tightness.

Sprung constructions are lighter than glass and steel and extremely durable. Glass panes can be easily damaged in weather events such as hailstorms (for example a single hailstorm in Bergedorf, Germany, which struck greenhouses of 60 companies in August this year, caused an estimated $1.5 million in damage in broken panes and damaged crops.) Polycarbonate greenhouses are equally vulnerable to weather, such as a massive region of poly-tunnel greenhouses recently destroyed in China by high winds. Sprung membranes are designed to withstand extreme weather events, including tornados and hurricanes. (This may reduce greenhouse operators’ insurance costs.)

In addition, the translucence of Sprung membranes provides ideal light conditions for a wide range of high-value crops, whereas typical operations invest significant capital to etch glass, whitewash glass or install shade curtains to achieve the desired light diffusion. Additionally, their air-tight nature can help reduce heating costs. The Sprung membrane provides 320-380nm visible light with a 10 year warranty



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