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The Aspiration and purpose of this newsletter /blog:

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

The primary purpose of this newsletter is to provide an aggregation of energy related information published in the past month pertinent to executive decision makers. Hopefully it serves as a time saver, as we scan the inundation of data available daily, and try to draw attention to key matters decision makers might wish to consider when contemplating the nexus to energy, economy and the environment.

Clearly, our ambition is large as is the subject matter, as our world is so very interconnected and complicated. As the wisdom goes, tug at the thread of one matter and we can see how it effects the global fabric. An appreciation and understanding of energy, economy and the environments interconnections is what we try to illuminate with this monthly collection of links and articles.

We try to keep each newsletter issue as short as possible but are strongly of the opinion that simplistic silver-bullet “solutions” derived from sound bites spun for culturally stunted attention spans, contribute mightily to where many problems originate. The old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words rings true for us and so approximately annually we prepare our “Energy Picture Info graphic”. The link below takes you to our summary version for 2020 and looking ahead to the future.

The link below the table of contents takes you to a slide show graphic summary.

Table of Contents:

Big Picture Summary Graphics slides 3-17

Electricity Picture slides 18-24

Natural Gas Pictures slides 25-38

Oil Picture slides 39-47

Coal Picture slides 48-51

Nuclear Picture slides 52-55

Hydro Picture slides 56-58

Renewables Picture slides 59-75

We have feedback that when we present these slides, it is so much more impactful and creates much better understanding. We are pleased to do exactly that with those that wish to collaborate with us. Please do not hesitate to let us know how we can assist by emailing

Issue 165 The Energy Picture In A Few Graphics
Download PDF • 9.57MB



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