Traditional Greenhouse technology vs. Sprung Greenhouse Innovations

Sprung Instant Structures have developed a very good solution to greenhouse buildings, to replace the heavy and expensive glass and steel greenhouses, or the more-fragile polycarbonate ones. Nexus Power Solutions will offer a new approach towards greenhouse operation, combining many elements to achieve financial and energy savings. These include:

  • CHP for light, heat and carbon dioxide,

  • aquaponics for thermal mass, fertilizer replacement and additional sales revenue,

  • passive solar building design for heating, air treatment and ventilation,

  • vertical grow racks for maximizing growing space,

  • LED lighting to reduce energy consumption, and

  • flexible smart crop selection to maximize profits or benefits.

None of these represent completely novel technologies on their own, but properly coordinated and combined can result in a greenhouse with significantly higher profits and lower environmental footprint. The ability to successfully combine all of these elements in one complete, turn-key solution adds real value to our projects, and differentiates us from the competition.