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Where Fish meet plants and live harmoniously
Why Aquaponics?

Our current industrial food system is unsustainable. Demand for food increases every day while soil erosion, groundwater depletion, desertification, and a changing climate bottleneck our ability to produce food.


In addition, the intensive use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, water, fossil fuels, and genetic engineering have had a negative effect on - individual, community, and environmental health.


The rise of local, sustainable food systems present solutions to many of these problems, but these approaches are unable to consistently provide quality food year after year.

Aquaponic Facts:

Aquaponics is a closed-loop system, meaning there is no waste. Just like in nature, every input has an output and every output is an input.

More Yields with a balanced system and perfect light exposure. When you negate pests, bad weather and use automation intelligently, your yields will go sky high

Uses 75-90% less water than conventional agriculture. This is achieved through the no waste closed loop.

Aquaponics uses no harmful chemicals or pesticides. There is no cheating with this or the fish would die.

You can literally set aquaponics up anywhere. Parking lots and with the right structure rooftops!

Having more - smaller outfits servicing smaller communities fortifies food security and reduces food miles.

Fish are the best in the world at converting plant protein to animal protein. Aquaponics can produce 50,000 pounds of tilapia and 100,000 pounds of vegetables per year in a single acre of space.

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