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Vertical grow bags

Our vertical grow bags are sewn by a professional seamstress using high-quality upcycled PVC membrane from Sprung Structures building manufacturing. The bags are lightweight and can be folded up for effortless shipping. Upcycling material allows us to keep our costs low compared to hard plastic vertical grow towers.

Virtually any net pot will work in these towers as we can customize the bags size, width length, height, & hole diameter. 

Best for growing greens, herbs, lettuce, kale, swiss chard, bok choi, etc.


Gain the vertical growing advantage that tomatoes, cucumbers, & pepper greenhouse enjoy by growing vertically and increasing your plant count. 


We recommend filling the bags with a light, porous media, that can retain water. This kind of media benefits aquaponic growing tremendously as it provides huge amounts of surface area that is required for bio-filtration.

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