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Agro Resilience Kit (ARK) Assists In Building Farms Self Sufficiency and Making Energy Affordable!

Finally a small scale biogas maker with the right certifications for Canada

As the below highlights, we offer a simple system which provides a under 1 year payback on a $3,000 Canadian investment. It enables you to use your own organic waste from which the system produces gas (biogas) you need to heat your house this winter. Come and see ours operating on Sprung Structures campus south of Okotoks, Alberta.

Obviously for livestock operations, 4.5 gallons of manures and other organic waste per day is a small amount of waste and not going to address your full energy needs, so we also offer systems to scale to whatever needs you have. We can show you our portfolio of technologies, to produce maximized volumes of biogas for you to operate your own onsite gas electricity generator or combined heat and power unit (we have been involved with installing these CHP systems in Alberta since 2006). Again, come and see ours operating on Sprung Structures campus. At Sprung, our CHP produces not only the majority of electricity (130kWh) needed on site to power our 150,000 square foot facility year-round, at a steep discount to buying electricity off the grid, but it also provides, at the same time, pretty much all the heat needed for domestic hot water for our commercial kitchen that feeds 130 workers two meals a day, as well as meets our space heating requirements. We can match sizes to do the same for your operations!

ARK Small Scale BioGas System

Easy-to-use biogas system enabling farms to turn organic waste into self-made clean energy, on-site as well as makes liquid fertilizer.

  • Produces 200+ GJ’ per year (Atco notes the average Canadian house uses 600 kWh of electricity and 10 GJ of natural gas every month.)

  • Create rich Bio Fertilizer for healthy plant growth

  • Manage up to 4.5 gallons of organic waste daily

Sample economics:


Here are our larger farm agriculture system options:


Please come see us to see our systems in action at your convenience. We will be pleased to work through the details with you to determine what best suits your goals and objectives as well as the details on budgets and your return on investment.

Dan Cloutier

Regenerative Agriculture


Cell: 403-703-7611

Office: 403-649-4422

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