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Become a member of our CSA!

ARK brings the farmers market to your front door!

Meet your Growers


Kelsey & Jordan

We know you're not just looking for the best quality vegetables but you also want to know where your food comes from and that it is sustainably grown.


We understand your desire to support local businesses, and your craving for the freshest most delicious vegetables all year long. We look forward to sharing all of this with you and more!

A ton of folks don't know where their food comes from or how it was produced. There is a disconnect between food producers and consumers, we see this as a huge problem.


Freshly harvested vegetables delivered by your local farmer right to your door 

Vegetables you can trust were grown with you in mind. Grown with your kids, your friends, and your family in mind. Grown with the environment in mind. We do the dirty work so you can cook sensational meals with the freshest ingredients.


Servicing High River and Diamond Valley for 4 Years

$23 per week

Is CSA right for you?

How can you know?

If you're still not entirely sure what CSA is and if it's right for you we would like to share this blog post with you. We have interviewed a lot of our members to get a feel for who CSA is a good fit for and we have narrowed it down to 6 "traits" of someone who excels with a CSA program. 

Click here 

Are you curious about what comes in the delivery?

Don't worry others asked this question too, we have compiled a number of pictures of the contents of our past bags so you can get a better idea of what comes in your delivery

If you have more questions check out our Frequently Asked Questions

CSA might be right for you if...


About ARK

ARK values stewardship of the land above all

The wonderful tastes and vibrant colours of vegetables come from the soil. To nourish ourselves we must nourish the soil.


What that means to us is absolutely no pesticides. We are huge believers in making our own compost from waste products around us. We use nature's best composter to do a lot of work for us with vermiculture and bacteria to process our wastes down into plant food. 


Brenda Cinq-Mars

“I was so pleasantly surprised with the haul of veggies this week. It is always good, but this was amazing. Thank you for the services you provide.”

Organic Vegetables

CSA Member

Every Thursday is like Christmas !!

Penny & Tony Marshall

"We love to support local business and we really enjoy getting fresh produce year-round "

You like to cook

If you like to cook and are looking to try new recipes

Support Local

If you want to know where your food comes from and want to support your local farmer

Value Quality

These people know that the best quality ingredients are grown close to home in healthy conditions

Eat adventurously

CSA members who are successful with the program enjoy being pushed to try new foods and experiment in the kitchen

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